Biological self-cleaning – for ceiling and hood.
Your ventilation system cleans itself: thorough, convenient, biodegradable and energy-efficient.

SL-MICROMATIC uses natural enzymes for the biological cleaning process in the ventilation pipe. Spray nozzles in the storage space opposite the aerosol separators generate a fine spray mist. This mist mixes with the thermal airflow of the kitchen exhaust air. This evenly distributes the mist throughout the entire system and wets the surface of the exhaust air components. This biofilm dissolves aerosol deposits and prevents the formation of new deposits. The cultures break down the molecular chains of the aerosols. This generates water and carbon dioxide, which is simply removed with the exhaust air flow. The spraying process repeats automatically. Its frequency can be individually adapted to the kitchen operations.

  • Self-cleaning through 100 % biodegradable enzymes
  • Convenient programne automation for optimised spraying frequency
  • Reduced workload: cleaning cycles are extended several times over. Laborious, manual cleaning is obsolete.
  • Aerosol post-treatment system pursuant to DIN 18869 Part 7


SL-Micromatic is tailor-made to your ceiling ventilation system and also for extractor hoods, and can of course be retrofitted. It goes without saying that all materials used with the SL-Micromatic comply with the current strict legal requirements. We would be happy to advise you on the most suitable SL-Micromatic solution for your individual needs.